We are not sisters even though we are together is a non-fiction film exploring themes of displacement, identity and portraiture through the stories of two women, from Finland and the Netherlands. Throughout the piece, Seija Halva and Brigitta Witteveen remember their homelands as they work in their gardens. Their longing for place leads them to create their own landscapes and form a relationship with their new soil in the United States. Reactivating the art historical genre of the sister-portrait, the film parallels the experience of longing between the two women, interweaving their voices and images. Sister-portraits are unique in the history of family portraiture due to the reciprocal status of sisters within a family structure. These portraits could not conform to the formal aesthetic rules of other family portraits, which were based on hierarchies of gender and age. Creating a balanced portrait of both women, the piece follows them through their gardens, swims and reflections on the different ways they access their home-places. Cutting between 35mm photographs, super-8 film, 16mm film, VHS footage, HD video and screen captures, the piece shifts as the documentation of local histories is carried and altered over years and hemispheres. 2015.