Growing up queer in the conservative south, Liz recites her memories like folk stories, or myths or poems, remembering each strange detail of her childhood growing up at their family-owned motel. Strange Girl explores her experience, interweaving themes of displacement, queer identity and the process of acceptance, through the conversations of a mother and daughter. Caught in the act of deciphering, Liz remembers not knowing how she was different, having never been taught the words to describe herself. As mother and daughter, they trace her displacement from the dry-grass hills of rural Alabama to her journey North and consider their queer family history. 2016.

S c r e e n i n g s:

July 30th at Tar Heel Underground Cinema Lounge, Brooklyn NY

July 8th at the Mall of Found, New Lebanon NY

May 28th at Jaume 1, Greenfield MA

May 4th at Good Night Sleep, Northampton MA