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Hampshire College,  Amherst, MA

Bachelor of Arts, concentration Non-Fiction Filmmaking, Winter 2014

Senior Thesis Film: We Are Not Sisters Even Though We Are Together


Chair of the Bicentennial Committee for The Thoreau Society. Duties include programming week long Bicentennial Annual Gathering academic conference, coordinating events, website management, program design, hire, train and manage staff, and coordinating 200 attendees. Fall 2016-Ongoing.

Summer Academic Programs Assistant for Hampshire College. Assisting with logistical, coordinating and administrative tasks for 6 Summer Academic Programs. Duties include faculty and staff contract writing, organizing staff paperwork, staff training, student orientation planning and executing, communication with students and parents, coordinating with campus housing and meals, designing student feedback surveys and collecting survey data. Summer 2016.

Program Instructor at the Hampshire College Creative Media Institute Summer Program. Teaching month long non-fiction film course for undergraduate students, and two week long film course for high school students. Duties include programming screenings, coordinating guests, leading technical workshops, and mentoring student projects. Winter 2014-Ongoing.

Film Programmer for Northampton Historic Museum’s Fast Forward Film Series. Programming a series of film screenings entitled Artifacts of Fixation, which explored the way filmmakers use objects as subjects and included works by Harun Farocki, Janie Geiser, Abraham Ravett, Hope Tucker and Jeremy Johnston. Duties include programming films, coordinating with filmmakers and moderating conversations with the filmmakers and the audience. Fall 2015.

Projectionist/Site Coordinator for Amherst Cinema’s media literacy education program See Hear Feel Film. Duties include projection, volunteer coordination, and facilitating learning activities with groups of third graders. Fall 2013-Summer 2016.

Film/Photography/Video Alumni Internship. Duties include leading workshops for classes, hiring, training and supervising projectionists, hiring, training, supervising telecine operators, and keeping the program calendar. Fall 2015-Summer 2016.

Program Coordinator for The Thoreau Society. Duties include programming week long Annual Gathering academic conference, organizing staff, meals and special events for 200 attendees. Summer 2012-Ongoing.

Teaching Assistant for Professor Baba Hillman’s Senior Thesis in Film, Photography and Video course. Assisted in planning classes, leading critiques and mentoring students. Fall 2014.

Co-President of the Hampshire College Film Society. Programmed film screenings and artist talks, and projected in many formats. Spring 2011-Fall 2013.

Teaching Assistant for Professor Bill Brand’s Music for Film and Video class. Helped structure lessons, led weekly discussions and technical workshops. Spring 2013.       


Recipient of the 2014 Tom Joslin Grant for my senior thesis project We Are Not Sisters Even Though We Are Together.

Recipient of the 2013 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Internship Award to fund my apprenticeship with filmmaker Carl Elsaesser on his project Cruel the Ash.

Recipient of the 2012 Creativity Center Grant for a collaborative project about two girls consuming, and being consumed by, the internet.


Research Assistant for Professor Heidi Gilpin and Lorne Falk. Archiving and editing 35mm slides and Super-8 film. Summer 2014-Ongoing.

Telecine Transfer Operator for the Jerome Liebling Center. Duties include transferring 16mm, super-8mm and 8mm film to digital formats. Fall 2011-Fall 2014.

Media Services Employee at Hampshire College. Duties include sound engineering for concerts, filming lectures and events, managing and repairing equipment. Fall 2011-Spring 2013.

Assistant to filmmaker Carl Elsaesser. Pre-production coordination, duties include scheduling shoots, scouting locations, and casting. Summer 2013.

Assistant to filmmaker Abigail Child. Assisted her in video editing, film inspection and restoration of her film Mutiny. Summer 2012.

Moonrise Kingdom Internship. Apprentice to the Electrical Department on Wes Anderson’s film Moonrise Kingdom. Learned skills in lighting, making dimmers and electrical wiring. Summer 2011.

Production Assistant for The Troupe. Worked on various commercials (Canobe Lake Park, Velcro, NH Lottery) assisting with lighting and script supervision. Summer 2011 & 2012.

Projectionist at The Venue, a first run movie theatre. Duties include 35mm projection, customer service and organizing their first Film Festival. Fall 2008-Summer 2010.